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Do Extermination Inspections Include Bed Bugs

All professional extermination inspections are generally geared toward a single insect. There is really just way too many insects to identify them all during a single infestation. The best and only way to have your home inspected for bed bugs is to request a “bed bug inspection.”

Early Stages – Difficult Detection

Bed bugs are tiny insects that are visible to the naked eye. While it is generally easy to detect a bed bug infestation, early infestation stages pose some risks. During the early phase, only a few of the bed bugs have reached adulthood, the rest are still in the early phases of life.

An experienced pest control expert will know right away if your home is infested with bed bugs. How is this possible? It is possible through in-depth knowledge of bed bug infestation signs.

When you know the signs of a bed bug infestation, detection is guaranteed to come easier.

Denver, Colorado Reporting A High Number Of Bed Bug Infestations

Denver residents and businesses are reporting higher than normal bed bug infestations. Some of the victims contribute the high numbers to improper or inadequate bed bug prevention and maintenance methods. In order for these extermination techniques to work, every homeowner and business must be onboard.

How To Detect A Bed Bug Infestation

Knowing the signs – dried blood, dead bed bug carcasses, bite marks, and fecal matter – will play in your favor. If you are familiar with these signs, it may be possible to conduct a bed bug inspection without hiring a professional exterminator.

Some exterminators have shown to take the bed bug inspection to the next level by utilizing bed bug sniffing canines. These animals have been fully trained to detect bed bugs in residential and commercial settings. Canines have some of the most powerful animal noses, making them good candidates for bed bug inspection. Pest Control Denver

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