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Frequently Asked Questions

It is not necessary to prepare for the pest control treatment. However, our exterminator will request for the home to be vacated in advance. You will not be permitted to remain in the home while the treatment is being administered.

Yes, every homeowner must prepare for bed bug treatment. It is necessary to seal edible food prior to the treatment process. It is recommended to seal all edibles inside of plastic containers with lids.

We request customers to empty kitchen cabinets prior to the treatment day.

Depending on the severity of your bed bug infestations, multiple applications may be required. Most infestations require at least two treatment applications to ensure adult, larvae, and nymphs (young).

We accept credit card and cash payments.

We will dispatch a technician out to your home usually within the day of the call.

Our pest control services are covered under a 30-, 60-, or 90-day warranty. Please discuss this with us on the phone.

Yes, all of our work is covered under a 100 percent customer satisfaction guarantee (unless your situation is unique – please speak to us on the phone).

Our pest control service varies from one treatment to another, ranging between one and three hours. Our customers are required to vacate their properties for at least six hours while we treat them. Children and people with respiratory disorders like COPD and asthma may be required to stay away from the home for an additional 18 hours, 24 hours in total.

Yes, our technicians will keep you in the loop throughout the entire process. We will discuss how you want the technician to secure your home when the treatment is complete.

We utilize email to transmit paperless invoices to our customers. Our customers can pay their invoices prior to the scheduled pest control treatment.

Our pest control inspection is visual, which means our technicians are required to visually access your entire property. Bed bug sniffing services may or may not be included in the inspection process.

Once the inspection is complete, the technician will determine which pest control strategy will work best for your situation. We offer bed bug preparation services to ensure you and your family are fully prepared for treatment day.

Most pest control solutions require a minimum of two treatments. The additional treatment is necessary to eradicate the entire colony of adult, nymph, and larvae bed bugs.