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What Scents Effectively Deter Bed Bugs?

If you’re dealing with a bed bug infestation, you’ve likely spent hours maybe even days scouring the Internet searching for information on how to handle the problem without a professional. You are not the only individual to do so! Throughout your search, you’ve likely come across all kinds of varying information about repellents.  The only … Read more

Force Bed Bugs Out Of Hiding

You likely already know that bed bugs are good at hiding. However, you might not know that they are good hitchhikers as well. What exactly does this mean? It means they’ll attach to the nearest attraction and hang on for dear life. Given their size, they’ll be even hard to spot when they are hitching … Read more

Do Extermination Inspections Include Bed Bugs

All professional extermination inspections are generally geared toward a single insect. There is really just way too many insects to identify them all during a single infestation. The best and only way to have your home inspected for bed bugs is to request a “bed bug inspection.” Early Stages – Difficult Detection Bed bugs are … Read more

The Best 9 Ways To Fight Your Bed Bug Problems

It was the introduction of pesticides that saw the end of bed bugs after World War II. While the bug was still around, they all but vanished. Unfortunately, that’s not something that can be said anymore. It seems these bugs are back. And, they are back in a bigger way than they’ve ever been before. … Read more

What To Look For When Hiring An Exterminator In Denver

Bed bugs are starting to show up more and more in the United States. Due to this fact it is important that you get to know everything you can about these pests because they are extremely difficult to get rid of once they have infested your home. Once they enter the home they can reproduce … Read more

Tips For Avoiding The Need For A Pest Control Company In Denver CO

Over the years, pests, bugs and insects have managed to find a way inside of hundreds, if not thousands, of homes within Denver, Colorado. Once these critters have managed to find a way inside, they’ve overrun the dwelling and have made the resident’s life unbearable. Although it isn’t always possible to completely prevent an infestation, … Read more

Tips And Tricks For Evaluating Denver Exterminators

Throughout the years, Denver residents have been required to deal with a handful of different complications. Although some of these are avoidable, others are not. A bug infestation happens to fall into the latter category. Despite keeping your home entirely clean and tidy, it is still possible for bugs and other creatures to infiltrate and … Read more

Rodent Control In Denver – Tips For Keeping Your Home Clean

As a homeowner, you should understand that plenty of problems could complicate your life and diminish the comfort of your home. A leaky roof or another similar problem can be thoroughly devastating, but you should not ignore the complications associated with rodents, mice and rats. If these pests manage to gain access to your home, … Read more