The beetle is a tiny insect with multiple sets of wings, a solid black body, antennas, and poor vision. Evidence shows there are currently thousands of beetle species that have been reported throughout the United States.

Beetle species like the longhorn, powder post, and ground, are commonly found in Denver, Colorado. They have also been reported in Detroit, Michigan; Columbus, Ohio; Cleveland, Ohio; and Troy, Ohio.

Beetle Infestations – Why Is My Home A Target

Like the carpenter bee and carpenter ant, the beetle is drawn to decaying wood. These insects are also drawn to damp piles of leaves. It is not uncommon to find a colony of beetles in a pile of firewood and old decaying lumber.

Beetles – Dangerous Or Harmless

Beetles do not pose any harm to humans or pets. However, they do pose a danger to damaged wood structures, furniture, and trees. Not all species of beetles leave severe devastation in their paths. The most damaged caused by these insects just happens to be linked to the powder post beetle.

Even if you are able to identify the beetle species in your home, an immediate response is crucial to preventing infestations. The longer a colony of beetles is permitted to go undetected, the more damage you can expect to see.

Beetle Infestation – Eradication Options

Pesticides, traps, and insecticides are utilized to treat beetle infestations. For severe beetle infestations, a combination treatment of pesticides and traps are recommended. While it is perfectly safe to combine pesticides and traps or insecticides and traps, it is never okay to mix pesticides and insecticides. Doing so will increase the risk of dangerous side effects and property damage.

Beetle Treatment – DIY Or Professional Extermination

Beetle infestations can be effectively treated by individuals and professionals. A repeat combination treatment – pesticide (insecticide) and traps – will work better for severe infestations.

While many homeowners believe DIY extermination is more affordable than professional extermination, this is not always the case. This definitely applies to beetle infestations that require multiple repeat treatment applications.

DIY Extermination Turnaround

Most Denver, Colorado extermination companies hire several work crews, which are made up of a licensed exterminator and several technicians. This hiring practice has worked very well in the past, allowing Denver exterminators to deliver quick turnarounds.

Professional Beetle Infestation Extermination – Cost

The cost of professional extermination varies from one company to another, the severity of the infestation, and treatment plan. To take the guesswork out of the process, it is recommended to request a quote in advance. Most extermination contractors are happy to offer Denver consumers a quote free of charge.

Beetle Infestation – Prevention

The best and only way to prevent beetle infestations in homes and businesses is through quarterly inspections and proper maintenance. You can rely on your local exterminator to provide you with prevention tips.

It can also help to seal off small crevices leading to the exterior of your property. Utilizes silicone caulk to fill holes and cracks. Beetles are determined insects that will do whatever is necessary to access their food sources and shelter.

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