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Our Mosquito Control Services Are Miles Above The Competition In Denver

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Mosquitoes are truly troublesome critters. Not only do they carry more diseases than any other insect out there in the Denver area, but also they are responsible for kill more individuals every year than any other insect. This is truly horrifying when you sit down and consider it. If you are in the Denver area and currently dealing with mosquitoes you need to take advantage of our services. So, what really makes us so much better than the competition?

Seasonal Treatments

 The truth of the matter is that you can get rid of mosquitoes, but if you don’t provide continual treatment they are just going to come back. This is one of the things that makes the insect so troublesome. This is where our company is willing to provide the services that you need to make your yard mosquito free. We offer seasonal treatments that involve out techs coming out to the home and treating it every couple of weeks. This ensures that your yard stays insect free for the foreseeable future. We also offer one-time treatments if this is something that you prefer.

Drug Free Workplace

 Not only are mosquitoes a major problem in the Denver area, but drugs are a problem as well. Many individuals think that they can take drugs and function in the workplace and some pull it off for a while. Eventually, they end up making costly mistakes that result is property damage or death. This is why we are constantly randomly testing our employees with drug tests. They never know when a test is going to come and where it is going to come from. Our company has a zero tolerance policy and one positive means they are out the door.

What Makes Us The Best?

 These are just a few of the reasons that our services are miles above the rest of the providers out there. Below, you’re going to find a list of other reasons that we outperform the competition.

  • Available whenever you need us
  • Free inspections for everyone
  • We promote a drug free workplace
  • Licensed and insured to protect you and your home
  • We provide seasonal treatments
  • We also provide one-time treatments
  • We are the most affordable in the area
  • Highly trained and educated techs

Call Our Offices

 Whether you want a one-time treatment or you want to sign up for our seasonal services, we have someone standing by that can assist you anytime of the day or night.

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