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Cryonite Treatments

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Cryonite is one of the latest bedbug treatments. It is a non-toxic technology that has been patented. Cryonite treatments can eliminate bedbugs and other crawling insects during all stages of life. Cryonite is commonly used in Europe, America, and Australia. When using Cryonite, the exterminator will release CO2 in the form of snow.

It is applied to impacted areas to quickly eliminate bedbugs, beetles, and cockroaches.

How Does Cryonite Work?

Cryonite freezes and kills bedbugs. The process is lightning-fast with the temperatures dropping significantly. Cryonite relies on speed to be effective. Carbon dioxide snow is sprayed from the nozzle and kills the bedbugs on contact. Below, you will learn more about the cryonite bedbug treatment process.

Dry Ice

Cryonite uses frozen carbon dioxide which is also known as dry ice. It transitions from ice to gas without becoming a liquid at any point. As a result, the exterminator uses dry ice in areas that cannot get wet, including pipes, cabinets, and electrical outlets. When treating a food processing plant, cryonite is used to prevent the flour from becoming gooey.


The cryonite treatment has been optimized to ensure that the temperature decreases quickly enough to kill all bugs, eggs, and larvae.

Ergonomic Design Of The Unit

The cryonite treatment unit is ergonomically designed with telescoping technology. Thankfully, this ensures that the exterminator has extended reach. The goose-neck nozzle allows for the perfect spraying angle.


Finally, you’ll be thrilled to know that cryonite snow can easily penetrate deep crevices and cracks. Furthermore, it can help eliminate bugs from machinery and long pipes.

Eco-Friendly Solution?

Many Denver residents prefer Cryonite because it is an eco-friendly treatment option. This non-poisonous treatment offers numerous benefits.

  • Cryonite can kill bedbugs anywhere and at any time.
  • It can even be used on surfaces used to prepare food.
  • The production line doesn’t need to be stopped to kill bugs with Cryonite.
  • No residue is left behind so residents and tenants can return to their rooms immediately.

Why Use Cryonite Treatment?

Cryonite treatments offer various benefits. Denver residents should pick this treatment for the following reasons.

  • It doesn’t harm the environment.
  • Cryonite is great for killing most crawling pests including bedbugs.
  • Cryonite treatment is free of pesticides.
  • There is no need to stop production.
  • The dry treatment does not leave residuals.
  • It can be used near food preparation stations.
  • Cryonite is safe and easy to use.
  • It will kill bedbugs at all stages of life.

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