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Bed Bugs

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Bed bugs are ectoparasite insects that feed on blood from humans and animals. The ectoparasite is a member of the Cimex lectularius family. These pests tend to live in close proximity to their hosts for easier access. Their favorite hiding places are underneath mattresses, behind floorboards, loose wallpaper, and inside of bed linen. The adult bed bug measures about 3/16 of an inch in length, with an oval, flat body structure.

Why Is My Home Infested With Bed Bugs?

There are many reasons why your home is infested with bed bugs. The main reason is that you or someone in your home was a bed bug opportunist. This basically means, you or a member of your household walked past and a bed bug saw it as an opportunity. Bed bugs are highly known for their hi-jacking behavior. They will hop on board animals and humans to gain access to new hosts. Bed bug infestations are at their highest point in Colorado and throughout the United States. They have been reportedly seen in hotels, flats, apartments, motels, college dorms, bed & breakfast facilities, inns, and other temporary living quarters. Bed bugs are also known to catch a ride on used furniture, clothing, bed linen, storage units, and other items.

Do Bed Bugs Pose A Risk To Human Health?

Bed bugs have not been linked to serious diseases. However, their bites have been linked to human allergic reactions in immune-compromised people. They have also been shown to exacerbate asthma, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), and other respiratory diseases. They excrete a chemical in their saliva that initiates the inflammation processes, resulting in redness, itching, and swelling.

Bed Bug Eradication – How Does It Work?

Bed bugs exhibit elusive behavior to avoid human detection. They will hide in the tiniest crevice to avoid detection, but they cannot escape our bed bug sniffing canines. Our canines have been professionally trained to detect living bed bugs in residential and commercial settings. Bed bugs exhibit deceptive behavior, making them extremely difficult to detect and eradicate. Our bed bugs pest control is comprised of the following:
  • Cost-Effective Extermination – Targets only infested areas
  • Homeowner Preparation – Provides a jumpstart to our bed bug treatments
  • Chemical-Based Bed Bug Products – When administered properly, these pesticides do not pose a risk for humans or animals. We offer both chemical-based and organic pesticides to eradicate bed bug infestations

Our Bed Bug Heat Treatment(We have reputable partners we can refer you to)

  • Cost-Effective Extermination – Does not involve potentially harmful chemicals. One of the most effective bed bug treatments. Eradicates bed bugs in all life stages
  • Homeowner Preparation – Provides a jumpstart on our bed bug heat solution
  • Non-Chemical Bed Bug Treatment – Our top bed bug treatment solution that does not contain harmful chemicals. Depending on the severity of the bed bug infestation, our exterminator may decide to include Diatomaceous Earth, a natural solution that eradicates pests like bed bugs

Bed Bugs Fumigation Treatment(We have reputable partners we can refer you to)

  • Cost-Effective Treatment – A very affordable and effective bed bug treatment
  • Homeowner Preparation – Allows homeowners to get a jumpstart on their bed bug infestation treatments
  • Chemical-Based Application – Utilizes a chemical known as Sulfuryl Flouride (Vikane)

DIY Bed Bug Eradication – Is It Effective?

It can be, but only in mild bed bug infestation cases. The available bed bug pesticides are generally not powerful enough to wipe out moderate to severe infestations. We recommend a customized DIY bed bug treatment plan that includes a variety of treatments, such as pesticides and traps. It never hurts to give it your best shot If your efforts are in vain, you can always count on our licensed extermination company to step in. We serve several cities – Denver – in Colorado. Call us today to learn more about our bed bug solution.

Bed Bug Treatment – Is It Safe?

Bed bug treatment is generally safe as long as it is administered per the manufacturer’s instructions. Even though some of our bed bug solutions contain chemicals, your home and family will be safe in our hands. We only utilize pesticides and insecticides that have been approved by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). EPA-Approved bed bug treatments are not only safe but also effective when the administering exterminator follows the Colorado guideline[\

Bed Bug Treatment – How Much Does It Cost?

Bed bug treatment costs will vary from one home or business to another. The milder the bed bug infestation, the lower the overall cost of treatment. Homeowners with single-story homes will not be charged as much as those with multi-story homes.

Bed Bug Infestation Prevention Methods

It is possible to prevent future bed bug infestations with the right tools. Once our exterminator deems your home bedbug-free, we will start drawing up a prevention plan. The plan will include bed bug prevention tips that are guaranteed to keep bed bugs at bay.

When Should I Expect The Exterminator To Arrive?

We will dispatch an exterminator out to your home within 24 to 48 hours of your phone call. If you have any other pest control issues please check out other services.
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