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Conventional Bed Bug Treatments

What is a conventional bed bug treatment? Conventional or traditional bed bug treatments are the most commonly utilized pest control methods. These products and methods have been around for many decades. Even with the introduction of organic pest control, conventional treatments are still just as popular today as they were 10 decades ago.

A report released by Purdue University revealed bed bug treatments utilizing conventional pesticides would require two treatments, leaving a large gap between each extermination visit.

Our standard pest control protocol includes at least three visits:

  • Inspection visit
  • Treatment visit
  • Post-inspection visit

In severe cases, our exterminators may decide a fourth or fifth home visit may be required to thoroughly eradicate the bed bug infestation. The treatment visit is generally scheduled a few days following the inspection visit. The follow-up visit may be scheduled between 7 to 14 days following the initial treatment. During the visit, the exterminator will access your home to determine the effectiveness of the conventional bed bug treatment.

If live bed bugs are detected during the assessment, the exterminator may decide a second treatment is necessary to wipe the infestation out once and for all. If no live bed bugs are detected, the exterminator will suggest a bed bug prevention visit. During the visit, you and your family will learn how to prevent future bed bug infestations.

Contact us today to schedule an in-home pest inspection by contacting our local Denver office. We have several exterminator/technician teams working extended hours to ensure full pest control access to all Denver residents. Our prices are competitive, but we will gladly work with your budget to ensure full access to our conventional bed bug treatments.

Call us today to learn more about conventional bed bug treatment and prevention. We provide free in-home inspections and quotes. We have been serving the City of Denver for a long time and show no signs of slowing down any time soon.


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