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Box Elder Bugs

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Box Elder Bugs – Signs Of Infestation And Eradication Options

If you reside in the United States, you are very likely familiar with the box elder bug. This insect is small in size, ranging between ¼ to ½ inch in length. When adequate food and shelter are available, the box elder bug will grow up to ½ inch in length. The opposite effect occurs when there is not sufficient food and shelter available.

Boxelder bugs are black with red trim. These bugs are drawn to various tree species, including cherry, ash, and maple.

Box Elder Bug Infestation – Why Is My Home A Target

These insects generally appear around late summer, looking for warm shelter for the upcoming winter. Boxelder bugs are pesky insects that know no end when it comes to finding safe, warm shelter.

They will crawl through the tiniest crack or crevice to reach what they believe is a safe shelter. When you discover these insects living in your home, you can guarantee they accessed it through a small crevice or open window or door.

Box Elder Bug – Harmful Or Harmless

The box elder bug does not pose a danger to humans or pets. However, they can be a nuisance to homeowners at the end of the summer season and right before the fall season is to begin.

Box Elder Bug Infestation – Treatment Options

Exterminators recommend pesticides or insecticides and traps to eradicate box elder bug infestations. When the infestation is considered minor, a single application of a powerful pesticide will eradicate the entire colony. More severe infestations, no so much because more bugs are involved.

Box Elder Bug Treatment – DIY Or Professional

Box-elder bug infestations do always warrant hiring a licensed exterminator. More severe infestations are much more difficult to tackle, warranting an extermination visit.

You can decide which is the best course of action for your situation. Do not be afraid to reach out to your local Denver exterminator for professional advice.

Box Elder Bug Pesticides Pose Health Risks For Humans

Box-elder bug pesticides and insecticides oftentimes contain harmful chemicals. These chemicals can pose a health risk for humans when improperly handled and applied. To avoid such risks, you will need to follow the manufacturer’s recommendation on the back of the container.

It is not recommended to mix several insecticides and pesticides, even in the most severe infestations. Instead, you can utilize a combination treatment of traps and pesticides or insecticides.

If the DIY treatment is ineffective, contact your local exterminator.

Box Elder Bug Infestation – Prevention

Preventing a box elder bug infestation is not really that difficult. Patience, dedication, and education will go a long way in keeping these insects at bay. Your best bet will be to seal off all cracks and crevices leading to the outside of your property. These openings are oftentimes found near windows, doors, and plumbing pipes.

It is also recommended to keep your doors closed, starting in mid-summer. It can also help to conduct quarterly inspections, looking for the most obvious signs of a box elder bug infestation.

Utilize silicone caulk to seal off holes leading to the exterior of your property at least one time per year.

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