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Hello and welcome to our website. If you’ve stumbled upon our site, it is likely that you’re combating a drastic problem, which may seem irreparable. We wholeheartedly understand your concerns. Throughout the years, we’ve worked hand in hand with hundreds of Denver residents, who dealt with similar problems. After our services were carried out to a conclusion, these individuals were able to reclaim their homes. We would sincerely like to be able to provide you with the same solution. Whether you’re dealing with mice, rats, or rodents, we’ve got a sound solution, which has worked countless times before.

We truly are the best pest control company in Denver and we have a solution for each pest problem. Cockroaches, bed bugs, ants, and carpet beetles are all unique. Each pest requires a unique treatment and we’ve got one for each. Below, you will learn about each of these creatures and how they can turn your life upside down.

  • Ants – As a child, you may have owned an ant farm. At the time, these critters were fascinating and potentially became a part of the family. As an adult, ants can be immensely annoying. They’ll enter your home through cracks and crevices, before they begin appearing on your counters and in your shelves. Despite swatting them or killing them with sprays, these bugs will return! We can also deal with carpenter ants.
  • Cockroaches – Many homeowners will agree that cockroaches are the worst of the worst. Not only can they bring discomfort to your home, but also they can be quite embarrassing. Plus, these bugs spread like wildfire. Once they’ve entered your home, they’re there to stay, until drastic action is taken.
  • Bed Bugs – In the past few years, these bugs have spread across the country. They’ve become in a major problem in various cities and now call Denver home. These bugs are very difficult to eliminate and require special treatments to fully eradicate. Unfortunately, they’re immensely annoying and will prevent you from sleeping comfortably at night. We do great bed bug treatments and would love to help you!
  • Rats – Bugs can be easy to swat, but rats are different. Rats are big and can be very scary! When you encounter a rat, your initial reaction will likely be to jump off of the floor and to take shelter on a chair. These pests require a true professional to eliminate and we will be able to help you in this regard.

Aside from these creatures, the best pest control experts in Denver will also be able to help you eradicate carpet beetles, mosquitoes and flies. Of course, we strongly encourage all homeowners to take preventative measures to try and decrease the probability of an infestation. Below, we’ve put together a list of tips for preventing an infestation from occurring in your home.

  • Vole Control

Most people know about moles. Few people know anything about voles. With that being said, you should know that our pest management company offers vole control solutions. Voles are a serious problem, because they’re going to dig tunnels all over your yard. They’ll ruin your gorgeous garden and turn your yard into a complete mess. We’ll take care of the voles for you and we’ll do our best to ensure that you save money.

Bird Control At Your Convenience

  • Bed bug removal can be tough. Getting rid of birds is even tougher. Our company can help you deal with your bed bug infestation and your pigeon problems. We offer pigeon control solutions to ensure that you’re able to keep more money in your pocket. We offer commercial and residential pest control. We’ll make sure that those birds do their business elsewhere.

We Offer Rodent Control

If you’re looking for a Colorado pest control company that is capable of getting rid of mice and rats, you’ll want to get in touch with us. We understand how difficult it can be to get rid of these pests and we want to help. We’ll do everything possible to protect your home from these critters. When they begin tearing up your attic insulation, you’ll want to get in touch with this Denver exterminator. We also offer commercial pest control services. If the pest library is the problem, we’ll take care of that too.

Wildlife Control

Eco-friendly integrated pest management solutions can be very tough when you’re dealing with some type of wildlife. Termite control is one thing. Raccoons and squirrels are another. Foxes are even worse. This is why you’ll want to get in touch with us. We know how to deal with these situations conveniently and quickly. Don’t worry. We offer humane pest control treatment. We will make sure that the animal is removed safely and not harmed in the process. When looking for the most reliable pest control Denver has to offer, you need to look no further than us. We’ll rid your home of termites, bedbugs and everything else imaginable.

Box Elder Bug Removal

Box elder bugs are very common in the United States. There is always a chance that you’re going to be required to deal with them at some point. If this is the case, you’ll want to get in touch with us. We know better than anyone else how to get rid of box-elder bugs. We’ll make sure that they’re gone from your home and property for good. When you’ve had enough with the annoyances, you’ll want to contact us.

Fly Control

Flies and other flying pests are annoying as well. They’ll make your yard uncomfortable for you and your loved ones. Our company can help. We know how to get rid of carpenter bees, fleas, wasps, flies, and mosquitoes. When you’re ready to solve the problem, you’ll want to get in contact with our local offer. Our pest management company will fix the problem as quickly as possible.


Spiders are annoying and dangerous. If one bites you, there is a good chance that you’re going to be forced to visit the doctor. Depending on the type of spider, there could be serious risks. Never attempt to get rid of spiders on your own. Just get in touch with us. We can rid your home of spiders regardless of the species. Allow us to take on the risk, so you don’t have to!

Birds Screening And Bird Spike Installation

If you want to keep birds away from your property, you’ll want to take advantage of our bird screening and bird spike installation. This is one of the most humane ways to deal with birds. Once we’ve finished the job, you’ll never have to worry about those birds dirtying up your yard and vehicle ever again! We can also prevent them from scaring away all of your customers.


Centipedes might be fun to watch, but they can really cause problems for homeowners. When you’ve had enough fun with these pests, you’ll want to contact us. We have the skills and expertise needed to get rid of these pests and keep them away for good. Plus, we’ll provide you with a great price!

Bats And Other Pest

Finally, you should know that we’re capable of getting rid of all types of pests. We can deal with bats and anything else. We are the most versatile pest control company in your area. Before you give up and throw in the towel, you should call us. There is a good chance that we’ll find a solution to your problem.

  • First and foremost, you should be very cautious about purchasing used clothing or furniture. Both items are capable of harboring bugs and insects. If these items are brought into your dwelling, the bugs will be as well. Carefully inspect, clean and dry these items, before bringing them inside.
  • Although it may not be possible to bar your friends and family members from entering your home, you should try to keep them out, if they’re combating a bug problem. If they have bugs in their home and they enter yours, it is possible that your home will also be infested. Be nice about it, but keep them out, if possible.
  • You should remember that various bugs are small enough to crawl through cracks and crevices. Those that live in apartments may very well live across the hall from someone, who has bed bugs or cockroaches. Sealing all cracks and crevices can help lower the chances of the bugs entering your apartment.
  • Some bugs are the direct result of dirt and debris. Properly maintain your home and keep it spotless. This will help to eliminate cockroaches, by starving them to death and forcing them to flee.

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Over the years, we’ve strived to provide Denver residents with the best pest control service humanely possible. We’ve worked extensive to enhance and perfect our services. After much trial and error, we truly believe that we’re the best pet control solution Denver has to offer. When combating a bug problem, you should look no further! Our techniques and solutions are safe, reliable, and will reclaim your home from the clutches of bugs, insects and rats! Below, you will find a list of benefits you will obtain, by enlisting our assistance.

  • Over the years, our company has managed to eliminate thousands and thousands of infestations. We’ve successfully eradicated bed bugs, rats, ants, and an abundance of other annoyances. We truly believe we will be able to do the same for you and your home!
  • Our experts are trained extensively, before they’re sent out to your home. This helps to ensure that the expert will be able to carry out the job, without damaging your home or getting in your way. Suffice to say, they will never ask for your assistance.
  • There are various chemicals and sprays, which are used for extermination purposes. Our company only incorporates the use of safe chemicals! We would never want to put you, your children or your pets in harm’s way, so our chemicals are safe and reliable.
  • All of our services are carried out in a covert manner. This helps to ensure that your neighbors have no idea why we’re at your home.
  • Our prices may be a little more costly, but we truly believe our services are better and more effective than those offered by any other company.

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Now, the ball is in your court. The bug problem is not going to go away on its own. Whether you’re trying to eradicate rodents, mice, rats, or cockroaches, you should give us a call! Our company will be able to help you fight back against these critters and we will not stop, until your home has been restored to perfection. When you’re ready to fight back, you should pick up that phone and contact us right now!

Why We Are The Premier Bed Bug Exterminator In Denver


Being located in the Denver area, you have likely noticed the resurgence of bed bugs. Heck, bed bug infestations are rising all throughout the United States. There is probably a good chance that you have already gone online and done some research about the critters and how you can remove them from your home in the event that you are infected. Maybe you are currently dealing with an infection. Despite what you have probably read about removals your best option is to turn to a professional. Not just any professional, but the best and that is exactly what we are offering you.

Adaptable And Flexible


The first thing that you need to know about our bed bug exterminator Denver Company is that we are adaptable and flexible. Most exterminators are like the phone or cable guy. They will give you a six-hour window of when they will show up at the home. That is not the case when dealing with our company. We know that your life is busy and we are willing to work around your schedule. If you need us to show up on the weekend, we will be there on the weekend. If you need us after hours then that is when we will show up. In addition to this, our response times are extremely fast. We usually can have an inspector out to the home within two hours after the initial phone call.

We Inspect Before Offering Treatment


Our first and most important concern is truly taking care of your bed bug needs. And, we want to do it with the utmost integrity possible. That is why we always dispatch out inspectors before suggesting treatment options. In fact, you should never do business with a pest control company that doesn’t offer inspections because you might in fact not even be dealing with a bed bug infestation. Our highly trained inspectors will procure evidence that you are actually dealing with bed bugs and show it to you. The best part about this is that we are willing to offer our inspection services for free. It won’t cost you a single penny to have one of our agents come out to the home and scan for bed bugs.

Everything Is Backed With A Written Guarantee


We are by no means bragging, but we are so confident in our services. This is why we backed all of our treatments will a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee. In the event that you are not satisfied with the services that we offered, we will do whatever is necessary to rectify the situation. We write this guarantee into our contracts so that it makes it legally binding. There is no way that we can legally get out of honoring this agreement.

Offering The Best Insurance


Business insurance is something that is required by law before going into the pest control industry in the Denver area. Anyone that operates without this insurance is going so illegally. You should always ask for proof of insurance before considering hiring any company. However, what makes our company different is that we are willing to take things a step further. Not only do we carry business liability insurance, but also we carry error and omissions insurance.

This is a very specific policy that protects you are your property. When we are performing the treatment is we do anything that damages you or your home, your medical expenses will be covered and the repair damages to the property will be covered under this policy. Of course, we have zero incidents and always take the proper precautions to ensure safety, but accidents can always happen. We just want you to know that you are protected.

Follow Up Visits And Treatments


Most exterminator in the Denver area won’t tell you that treating bed bugs usually takes more than one treatment and visit to the home. Sure, there are some innovative and effective ways of dealing with bed bugs, but no treatment is a sure fire solution for every situation. If just one or two bugs escape during the treatment or an egg is missed the infestation will start all over again. This is why we are willing to offer follow up visits and treatments with our treatment packages. After performing the first initial treatment our techs will arrive back at the home a week later just to make sure that the problem is officially solved. Keep in mind that this will not cost you a dime extra.

Take Advantage Of Our Prices


We know that the economy is not in the best of shape right now and bed bug treatments are rather expensive. This is why we are willing to offer you the deal of a lifetime. Keep in mind that we are probably not the most affordable company in the area, but when you consider the quality and expertise that we are offering, we are certainly giving you a bargain. We also offer coupons and other discounts on our website from time to time.

Offering Safer Treatment Options


Bed bug removal and control has come a long way over the past decade or so. There was once a time when bed bugs could only be controlled with harmful and dangerous chemicals. In fact, over the years these bugs have become impervious to these chemicals, making them a less than suitable treatment option. Despite that fact, you might be surprised to learn that there are still a number of bed bug companies in the Denver area using these chemicals. Our company is completely different, as we have adapted to the new ages. We offer removal methods that are eco-friendly and safer for all parties involved.

Fully Prepared For All Situations


There really is nothing worse than an unprepared tech. Not only does this slow down the company, but it puts a strain on you. There is nothing like sitting around all day waiting on a tech to show up. And, when he finally shows up he can’t do the job because he doesn’t have what he needs. That is something that you will never experience when doing business with our company. We make it a point weekly to make sure that our techs vans and trucks are stocked with everything that they possibly need to handle your bed bug needs.

We Are Always Available For Your


Bed bugs can strike at any time and they usually strike during the night hours when you are sleeping. Well, this is something that you don’t need to worry about because we are here for you. We have a highly trained tech that is on standby around the clock. In the event that you finding yourself dealing with a nagging infestation at two in the morning just pick up the phone and give us a call. We will show up with a smile on our faces and make sure that your needs are seen to.

Backed With Years Of Experience


You can look at our resume and you will easily discover that our business has been operating out of the Denver area for a number of years now. Why is this important? Well, it tells you two things. First, it tells you that we are a fair company. Any company that does not deal with customers in a fair manner will not make it more than five years. Another thing that it tells you is that we are backed with experience in the industry. Our techs really are some of the best out there and they have the years of experience to prove it.

Why Us?


  • We have the experience to get the job done right
  • Our prices are reasonable for everyone
  • We offer follow up treatments too
  • We offer safe solutions for everyone
  • Free quotes are available to you
  • We can provide you with references if necessary

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