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Top Pest Control in Denver CO

Call the Exterminator in Denver that you can rely on to keep your home or business cleared from Ants, Bed Bugs, Beetles, Box Elder Bugs, Carpenter Bees, Fleas, Ladybugs, Rodents, and other Pests.

If you’re reading this, you’re likely looking for a Denver pest control company to help you get rid of a pest problem that may start to feel irreparable. Don’t worry: throughout the years, hundreds of clients have gone through the same problems and called us to enjoy the peace of mind of using our residential pest control and commercial pest control solutions in Denver and the surrounding areas to claim their homes, offices, and shops back.

To Each Pest Its Own Treatment

When Denver homes are struggling with mice, rats, or rodents, or with cockroaches, bed bugs, ants, and carpet beetles, they call the city’s top pest control experts because at Environmental Pest Control Inc. we’re known for the extremely effective pest management and pest removal treatment options and tactics that we use to deliver outstandingly clean results to our home and business customers in Denver, Colorado.


We Accept:

We have a specific solution for each problem because we know from experience that each pest requires its own treatment. After all, there’s a big difference between eliminating rodents, enforcing effective insect control, and activating bug extermination protocols that restore confidence and comfort in your place. We know all the tricks in the book and exactly how to exterminate any pest problem.

Pest Control in Apartment Complex Units: A Special Extermination in Denver Requirement to Keep In Mind

As Denver Pest Control experts covering residential and commercial pest control requirements in the Denver CO area, we’re often called to offer our pest control solutions in apartments. We should however highlight that:

  • If you reside in an apartment complex, we kindly ask you to contact your management for pest control help before calling us. We’d be happy to help, but you should know that your apartment complex management office has to call us directly or give you the authorization to call us.

Our Approach

Whenever people in Denver look for an “exterminator near me”, out of all the pest control companies in the area, our locally owned operation is the one that stands out for our friendly, professional, effective, and results-oriented approach.

  • We respond fast, act faster, and adjust to your time requirements—we know you’re busy, so we flexibly and diligently work around your schedule
  • Guesswork isn’t a strategy, which is why we only employ targeted pest control treatment after we first run a proper diagnosis of the problem to solve through an inspection that is free of charge
  • We contractually offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee—we bind ourselves to the commitment of leaving you fully happy with the results we confidently deliver
  • Since business insurance is legally required for pest control companies in Denver, we not only carry business liability insurance but we also carry error and omissions insurance—unlike most competitors
  • Our history of zero incidents and maximum precautions speaks for itself—but our enhanced insurance policies give you and your home extra safety and peace of mind
  • We only consider a place clean when it’s pest-free and restored to perfection—we only leave when there are no more pests or bugs to exterminate
  • We offer you a bed bug treatment experience you can afford—unlike others, we don’t do anything ‘cheap’ because it doesn’t work, but we offer you the best pest control in Denver value for your money
  • Your safety and the planet’s balance matter to us, so we don’t use outdated harmful chemicals as others do—we achieve truly effective results with modern, safe, and eco-friendly bug removal methods
  • While bed bug infestations are rising all over the United States, we’re successfully bringing the numbers down in Denver CO
  • Always available and fully prepared—if bed bugs strike during the night, our highly trained techs work around the clock with fully geared vehicles to make sure they can handle any pest issue at any time
  • We deliver positive and honest experiences and highly satisfying results—we’ve been in the pest control business in Denver for years, accumulating extensive experience and consistent positive review

The Pest Removal Options We Offer

As the Leading Pest Control in Denver CO, these are the pests we help you to be free from:

Ants—Will enter your home through cracks and crevices and will return no matter how many times you try to kill them with sprays. We know exactly how to free your home from these bugs—and carpenter ants as well!

CockroachesProbably the ugliest and most embarrassing pest to deal with. Luckily, we know how to employ the kind of drastic cockroach pest control action that allows you to get rid of them for good!

Bed Bugs—A growing problem throughout the country that now calls Denver home and which will prevent you from sleeping comfortably at night. We’re experts in bed bug treatments & bed bug control that leave no bed bugs alive.

Rats—Big, scary, and exceptionally persistent, your only chance of effectively keeping your home or office rat-free is the extremely experienced professional help of Environmental Pest Control Inc.

Vole Control—No more tunnels all over your yard

Bird ControlPut the typical highly damaging pigeon impact behind

Rodent ControlMice, rats, and other rodents can’t survive our residential and commercial pest control services

Box Elder Bug RemovalWe make sure that they’re gone from your home and property for good. It’s that simple.

Fly Control—If it’s a bug that flies and it’s a nuisance, we can handle it. From flies to carpenter bees, fleas, wasps, and mosquitoes, our pest management company fixes the problem in no time.

Spiders—Forget about the risky endeavor of trying to get rid of spiders on your own. No matter the species, we can safely and effectively get rid of them for you!

Centipedes—Our history with centipede pest management in Denver is one for the books.We’ve been helping homeowners to live a centipede-free life for years!

Bats—They can be pests too, which is why you’ll want to rely on our versatile pest control service in Denver to handle any of your extermination requirements.

Humane Bird Management Solutions

Our bird screening and bird spike installation services offer the most humane way to deal with birds. It consists on preventing them from nesting or somehow invading your space while ensuring they’re not harmed. By dissuading them from being around, we can help you ensure they won’t become an issue—while doing so in a cruelty-free and environmentally-friendly way.

Eco-Friendly Wildlife Control Solutions (We will refer you to our wildlife expert)

We certainly don’t forget that certain wildlife can become an issue. Opossum, skunk, turtle, squirrel, hare, fox, and raccoon. These are animals that belong outdoors but which may eventually show up indoors.

That’s why our eco-friendly approach consists on safely removing the animals from your place, making sure they are not harmed in the process, and that they are responsibly released outdoors, away from your home or commercial establishment.

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