Where To Find Phone Numbers For Rat And Other Pest Control Companies In Denver

Bed_Bug_Extermination_in_DenverFinding a rat lurking in your kitchen cupboard or bedroom closet can be very disturbing. Of course, it is only natural that you will let out a deafening scream that will alert everyone in the home. The rat will immediately take off for cover, in hopes that you will not be able to catch them. These rodents are very speedy, so you will probably never catch them, but there are several treatment options that are very effective in eradicating them, including hiring pest control companies in Denver.

Carry Diseases

 Domesticated rats and mites are known for carrying diseases. As a matter of fact, they are capable of spreading 35 different diseases to humans via their feces, urine, and saliva. It is not unusual for a rat to bite a human, especially children because they are so vulnerable. It is crucial to seek emergency medical treatment, if you have been bitten by a rat to stop the disease process.

Contaminated Dust

Rodents will leave their feces lying around everywhere, which means that the area, where the feces and urine is left will become contaminated. Humans can breathe in these contaminate and end up with a virus, known as hantavirus pulmonary syndrome. This is a very serious condition that will progress fairly quickly, if not treated appropriately. This disease is often found in the cotton, rice, and deer mouse, but you will most likely not know the type of rat that bit you.

Direct Contact

As you can see now, rats carry many different types of diseases that can be spread to humans. What you may not be aware of is humans that are infected with these diseases can also spread them to other humans. Although this rarely happens, it has been reported in several cases, which is another reason why you should get treated immediately.

Destructive Behavior

As a homeowner, your property is going to be your biggest asset. You are the only person that is going to protect your home from a rat infestation. You will need to do a thorough investigation of the inside of your home and external premises. With these being said, you will need to familiarize yourself with the common signs of an infestation.

  • Bite and gnawed markets – are very commonly found on wooden building structures. This is because the rodents are trying to gain entrance into your home discretely, since you are not willing to invite them the proper way.
  • Feces dropping – are normally found in places that the rats have been. The size of the dropping will depend on the size of the rodent, but one thing is for sure, they are always large enough to spot.
  • Chewed electrical wires – can also be found just about anywhere. Rats are not very intelligent, so they will chew right through a hot electrical wire, without giving it a second thought.
  • Dead carcasses – may be found along your property line or the exterior of the home.


There are many rat and pest control companies located in and around Denver. Check out the company’s customer rating, before hiring and inviting them into your home.


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