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Occasional Invaders

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Your home has likely become the target of an occasional invader. A centipede or cricket has entered your home looking for food or warmth. A beetle might’ve accidentally entered your home while trying to return to its hiding place. In most cases, the occasional invader is not dangerous and it won’t damage your property. Still, you’ll want to get rid of the pest as soon as possible.

Some of the most common occasional invaders in Colorado can be found in the list below.

More About Occasional Invaders

You’ll find that each occasional invader is unique in one way or another. In addition to their, their behaviors will vary significantly. When it comes to house centipedes, they tend to be found in the shower and sink drains. Earwigs prefer moist rooms. Silverfish prefers eating sugars and starches.

Why Has An Occasional Invader Visited My Home?

Ultimately, you never know why the occasional invader has targeted your home. It might have headed in the wrong direction. There is always a chance that the pest is looking for food, shelter, or water.

Are Occasional Invaders Dangerous For Humans?

Most occasional invaders are not dangerous, because they are not a threat to humans. On the contrary, some of these invaders are beneficial because they will get rid of pests. While they can become a nuisance, most will not eat or reproduce inside of your home.

What Is The Best Way To Get Rid Of Occasional Invaders?

When dealing with occasional invaders, you’ll want to prevent the bugs from entering your home. A good prevention plan is the best way to stop occasional invaders from bothering your loved ones. If a beetle has entered your home, you can use a vacuum to get rid of them. If you’re worried about touching the insect or getting bit, you’ll want to let a professional do it. Our company has served countless Denver residents, and we offer free inspections. We can help you identify and deal with the problem rapidly.

How Soon Can You Begin Working?

Our Denver pest control company wants to help you as quickly as possible. We can reach your property in 24 to 48 hours.

Are Your Treatments Safe?

We have done everything possible to pick the safest treatments possible. All of the products we use are registered by the EPA and our technicians are trained to the fullest to protect your loved ones.

How Can I Stop Occasional Invaders From Entering My Dwelling?

There are several things you can do to stop occasional invaders from entering your home. Use the tips below to avoid problems.

  • Make sure that your kitchen remains clean at all times.
  • Be sure to store your food in resealable containers.
  • Your garbage areas should be clean.
  • Check your home and seal cracks, gaps, and crevices.
  • Deal with any water leaks or moist areas around your home.
  • Get rid of mold and mildew under your sink and in your attic or crawlspace.
  • Check all grocery bags and plants before bringing them into your home.

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